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Residential Custom Cabinets

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We focus on building to the highest level for every person we work for in custom cabinetry.

The processes of our cabinetry are as follows:

When a client calls in for a special space, Daniel talks with the client to get all the information he can about the job. Important things are the type of cabinet the customer is asking for, a mood picture they may like or have seen that they feel comfortable with. The existing flooring the cabinetry will sit on, the ceiling height in the room, any adjacent door and/or window openings to gauge the line of the room, wall color of the room and if its changing, the style of furniture in the room and if it is changing, lighting the customer has and if its LED, 3000k or 5000k, the size of the cabinet the customer is envisioning, any components being put into the cabinet such as router, cable box, theater receivers, amps, DVD player, printers, shredders, and many other types of equipment, cabinet door style such as shaker, raise panel, or slab fronts, Crown molding to adorn the cabinet, countertop substrate, lighted counter tops, light in columns, top tiers, baseboard profiles, TV sizes, mounting brackets to go on the back of the cabinet, Speakers that might go below or be put on or inside the cabinet.

Many options and decisions have to be made on Dan’s and the customer’s part to ensure the correct solution required for their space.

Once the basic information is decided, through a phone conversation if possible, Daniel gets the customer address and asks for a date and time the customer would like to have him visit.

Daniel arrives at the house and discusses all of the above details with the client as well as any he could not get over the phone. At this time Dan will discuss and recommend a complete CAD design to give the client a visual aid of the designated space. The CAD drawing explained is at an outside cost of the job and includes 2 emailed drawing changes per customer.

The client then owns the design of the cabinet to use with POHL or an outside company and/or builder to assist with other items needed for space. Pohl can also place furniture and other items in the drawing for an additional cost.

At the shop, Dan and Cesar work together to engineer design for the client that will integrate all their wants and needs into their special project. Once Dan is happy with the design, the drawing gets sent to the client in PDF form for review. Upon review, any follow-up changes can be made or a deposit can be given to get the job started.

At this time the client comes to the cabinet showroom and manufacturing facility to view wood samples, wood veneer, grain pattern, and color samples if they hadn’t already selected one. A deposit is taken, a tour of our manufacturing area is given and any additional items that may need to be discussed are addressed at this time.

At this point, 3 customer books are made describing all details for the job. One book goes to each area of the shop for the team to evaluate and begin their task. The building, Finishing and Install, The inside office will order all products and special materials needed for the current project so the builders have what they need, Meanwhile, the CAD operators start by adding critical details to the drawing that the builders might need.

The builders then take over the book and begin the process, building the product to completion so the finished product, in the raw is standing on the workshop floor. Some parts will be created using computerized routers that have perfect tolerances for high detailed work whether it is carving or cutting precision box parts.

The install team is then notified that the pieces are ready for inspection and quality control. The entire unit is measured and checked over by the installer. If the unit passes the inspection it is completely broken down and transported to our finishing company.

Upon arrival to the second facility, each part is carefully unloaded on to moveable carts where this intricate process begins. After sanding and many layers of primer, painting or staining, the custom cabinet is then evaluated and wrapped for shipment. Large pieces are usually wrapped in furniture blankets.

The install crew will inspect the cabinetry again when picking up and packaging into the truck for any imperfections that might have been missed. Once the unit is loaded onto the truck, it is transported to the customer residence where the installation begins. Most standard projects (as in an Entertainment Center) usually takes approx 4 days to install depending on complexity.

The installers will then apply our company logo badge with Dan Brister signature in the unit as our stamp of perfection.

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